Wrapper to the USE engine. Call the ‘use’ command.




class pyuseocl.useengine.USEEngine[source]

Name of the use command. If the default value (‘use’) does not work, for instance if the use binary is not in the system path, you can change this value either in the source, or programmatically using USEEngine.USE_OCL_COMMAND = r’c:PathToUseCommandinuse’

command = None

Last command executed by the engine

commandExitCode = None

Exit code of last execution

out = None

output of last execution (in case of separated out/err)

err = None

errors of last execution (in case of separated out/err)

outAndErr = None

output/errors of last execution if merged out/err

classmethod useVersion()[source]

Try to get the version of use by executing it

classmethod withUseOCL()[source]
classmethod analyzeUSEModel(useFileName)[source]
classmethod checkSoilFileWithUSEModel(modelFile, stateFile)[source]
classmethod evaluateSoilFilesWithUSEModel(modelFile, stateFiles)[source]